Each of us answered a series of ‘this or that’ Christmas inspired questions … find out the answers here:

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

LA: Ooh, a tough one. My husband and I try to make a big deal out of Christmas Eve for our children (they’re three and four, so the magic still exists). We go to snow play and then watch a Santa panto and feed the reindeer, then we come home and open their Christmas boxes and put out the ‘Santa’ plate before bed. But seeing their faces on Christmas morning is always priceless.

Andie: Christmas Day. Looking forward to walks with my doggy this Christmas, our first with her.

Hayley: Day most definitely.

Laura: Christmas eve – there’s always so much magic in the air and excitement at Santa coming. Christmas day itself is normally a bit of a bore really.

Lisa: Christmas Eve as the anticipation and excitement is at an all time high and for a few hours I feel like a kid again.

SJ: I love the magic and excitement of Christmas Eve. I make a big pot of soup, prepare Xmas food for Christmas Day, light nutmeg and cinnamon candles, and have a glass of red wine. Then we watch Xmas movies, and once my girls go to bed, my husband and I set the presents out, and watch Love Actually. It’s a tradition.

Real tree or fake tree?

LA: Real! I’m a huge real tree convert.

Andie: Fake. OMG we once had a real one, needles dropping everywhere. Never again!

Hayley: Fake but buying a real one too this year

Laura: I’m practical, plus I kill most living things

Lisa: Real! Although after a few years of trees being dead by Christmas Eve we’ve resorted, albeit reluctantly, to an artificial one.

SJ: I like both. This year I have a real tree in the living room, but a slim fake one in my study, and a wee fake one in the dining room and bedroom. I’ve gone a little tree obsessed.

Tree ornaments or tree lights?

LA: Ornaments. We go with clear lights and lots of sparkly and pretty ornaments.

Andie: Both. Lights on first, then stacks of ornaments. I have boxes of them in the loft because every year I pick a theme and secretly buy more decorations!! Shh!!

Hayley: Lights

Laura: Tree ornaments – they can be personalised. I have loads of individual ones that each tell a story

Lisa: Lights. There’s something quite magical about fairy lights.

SJ: It has to be ornaments. I collect them. Every year I add to the collection, so it means that the tree somehow always becomes bigger to accommodate my stash of baubles.

Going Christmas carolling or watching Christmas movies?

Lianne: Movies for sure. I have a list of ‘must see’ films each year. Elf, National Lampoon, Fred Claus, and Arthur Christmas are just a few.

Andie: Christmas movies for definite. My favourite is ELF. I have to watch it at least once every Christmas.

Hayley: Movies I’m a rubbish singer

Laura: Christmas movies – there’s nothing better than snuggling down with a hot chocolate and watching a Christmas movie

Lisa: As much as I like singing it would have to be watching Christmas movies. I love the warm fuzzy festive feeling.

SJ: Christmas Movies. Polar Express, Home Alone, Love Actually and Miracle on 34th Street are some of our favourites. On Christmas day we always watch Wizard of Oz and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Putting presents in front of the tree days in advance, or waiting until late Christmas Eve?

LA: Now we have children, we do late Christmas Eve, but we used to be eager beavers and have a tree full of presents.

Andie: Late Christmas Eve as I’m always scared its an advert for burglars!!

Hayley: Christmas Eve when a little tipsy – its traditional haha

Laura: We put presents in front of the tree days in advance, although with the puppy this year we might have to rethink that…

Lisa: Always late Christmas Eve! I’m too tempted to squish things and guess!

SJ: I put our nieces and nephews and family members gifts in front of the tree, but I like to wait until Christmas Eve until I place any of our girls’s gifts out.

A white Christmas or a green Christmas?

LA: White!!! I’d love the kids to experience a proper white Christmas, it would be the ice-ing on the cake (get it, haha).

Andie: I’d love a White Christmas.

Hayley: White all the way

Laura: A white Christmas! My daughter is desperate for one. I remember being really young when we had one and it felt so magical.

Lisa: Definitely white. Living in Scotland you would think it happens but no such luck as yet!

SJ:  I love a white Christmas because it looks so pretty.

Christmas pudding or Christmas cake?

LA: Cake. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas pudding.

Andie: Pudding with brandy sauce!

Hayley: Cake – I’m making my own and feeding it rum weekly lol

Laura: Christmas cake – I don’t like Christmas pudding. Plus LOADS of chocolate. Its not Christmas unless I’ve eaten a chocolate Santa

Lisa: Can I have both?!

SJ: I actually don’t eat either. Weird I know. I don’t eat mince pies either. But I do make a good Christmas cakes with lots of brandy which my mother-in-law loves.


Merry Christmas from all of us!