Baileys Irish Cream is a must have drink in our house and we drink it by the litre! So here’s a little cheat recipe for you to make it yourselves, add that personal touch and wow your friends and family!


You will need…

250ml/9fl oz Single Cream

1x 397g tin condensed milk

350ml/12fl oz Irish Whiskey

1tsp camp coffee essence

3tsp chocolate sauce

1tsp vanilla essence

1tsp almond essence


Method (SO easy!)

Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend on high for 30 seconds. You can add more coffee essence or chocolate sauce according to your tastes.


Pour a generous amount into a tumbler over ice before pouring the remainder into bottles (pre-sterilised) to store in the fridge.


This mixture will keep for up to 2 months when refridgerated.