To celebrate the release of my new Christmas novella, Adventurous Proposal, I thought I’d give you an insight into how this beautiful cover was designed.

First I went through shutterstock images to try and find something that fitted in with the story.  After sending through about twelve to Yummy by Design we decided that we’d try to integrate these two images:

Then Yummy by Design sent through a few options.

I had to be honest and explain that I didn’t love either fonts (which is always a bit awkward!).  Luckily she’s super lovely and doesn’t mind my picky nature.  I also wanted the word Advent to stand out or be in another colour to draw attention to the fact that this wedding is counted down like you would with an advent calendar.  This led to this:


I loved the top font, but thought that the street lights infringed on the words a little too much.  I also didn’t like the font used for my name.  So she sent it back with the lamp posts moved to the back page and gave me these options of fonts.


I preferred the 4th sent and that’s how we came to this, the finished product!


Adventurous Proposal is available at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo and soon to be Nook.  Happy reading!

Love Laura xxx